About Us

The rohe (area) that the Grace campus is situated on was included in the tribal lands of Ngāti Pukenga, Ngāi Te Rangi, and Ngāti Ranginui. Ngāti Ruahine is the hapu.

In 2000 the two private hospitals in Tauranga (one owned by Southern Cross Hospitals, and the other by local doctors) combined as one company. The new company was owned by a group of Tauranga surgeons, anaesthetists, and Southern Cross Hospitals, who formed a partnership.

In response to population growth, the increased demand for private surgery and the success of the partnership, a new private hospital was built on our current site. The land was being used as a macadamia orchard and was purchased from a local farmer. In 2007, Grace Hospital was opened. The name was chosen to reflect the work of Reverend Grace who carried out missionary work in our local community in the 19th century.

Our company is now named Evolution Southern Cross (a joint venture partnership between Evolution Healthcare and Southern Cross Healthcare) but is known as Grace Hospital.

Our vision is:
To be first choice in the provision of surgical and related services
Organisational Values
Having Commitment to our Customers – Manawanui
We engage and work with our patients, consultants, and each other to get the best outcomes for all.

Being Compassionate - Ngākau aroha
We are compassionate towards our patients and build a rapport based on trust and honesty.

Being Flexible – Tāwariwari
We are responsive to the individual requirements of all our customers; patients and families; consultants and their staff; and towards each other. We extend ourselves out of our comfort zone at times.

Being Reflective and Innovative - Whaiwhakaaro
We reflect on our performance and identify improvements. We aim to be innovative with our solutions and performance and continue to develop our reputation as providing superior hospital experience.

Surgical excellence
Grace Hospital works only with surgeons of the highest calibre and supports them with highly trained and experienced nursing staff. We invest in leading edge technology and make it a priority to be closely aligned to the latest surgical advancements. This ensures that we continue to provide you with the best options in treatment and care.

As an example, Grace Hospital is New Zealand’s foremost centre for surgical robotics. We pioneered robotic-assisted surgery in New Zealand with the purchase of our first robot back in 2007. We’ve had a team operating with robotic assistance ever since and are proud to have reached our current high level of innovation and surgical excellence.

This is a benchmark we’re committed to maintaining, constantly lifting the bar to provide you with the best procedures and choices that medical science has to offer.

Flexible scheduling
We understand that waiting for surgery is stressful, so we do our best to avoid these delays with flexible and carefully managed scheduling. We also do our utmost to work around your other commitments.

Personalised care
Whilst you are with us, our focus is on providing personalised and attentive care to make the experience of surgery as stress-free as possible. We foster an environment of empathy and respect, in which each member of our team recognises the important role they play in your recovery.

It’s the little things that make a difference.
Whilst no-one enjoys being in hospital, we understand that the little things can make a difference – both for you and your support people. Our modern facilities were designed for your comfort and safety, with private en-suite rooms, TV and Wi-Fi. Our gourmet meals are almost worth a stay in hospital and your family and friends can count on a warm welcome.

So, whilst we do everything we can get you back on your feet as soon as possible, we also hope you’ll leave with pleasant memories of our warmth and care.