Day Of Surgery

What to Bring

Day Surgery

We suggest you wear something loose fitting that will be easy to put on after your surgery and comfortable for your journey home. Sleepwear will not be required.

We recommend you leave your jewellery at home as this cannot be worn to theatre.

Overnight Stay

You will need comfortable sleepwear, a dressing gown, slippers and your personal toiletries. We are happy to look after your personal items such as glasses, hearing aids or dentures but recommend that you leave other valuables at home. You may wish to bring reading material or other leisure activities.

It’s important that you bring the following with you

  1. current documentation from doctors, consultants or other hospitals relating to this hospital visit
  2. test results, scans or x-rays
  3. medicines or prescriptions (no blister packs please, ask your pharmacy for indivdiually packaged medications for your hospital stay)
  4. herbal remedies or supplements you are currently taking (in their original container or packaging)
  5. letter from insurance company with prior approval and any insurance excess information
  6. anaesthetic information sheet