Day Of Surgery

Day of Surgery

Day of surgery

In most cases you will not be allowed anything to eat or drink for several hours prior to surgery - this includes, chewing gum and mints. 'Nil by mouth' instructions may be explained when you are telephoned with your admission time and date. It may also be detailed on your admission text or email notification. If you are uncertain please call us.

You should shower, wash your hair and remove any make-up or jewellery prior to admission. Please do not use body moisturisers after showering as it interferes with skin preparation procedures.

If the patient is delayed for any reason please notify the hospital as soon as possible.

On admission

Please report to the main reception on arrival where your details will be checked and you will be directed to the patient lounge. A nurse will be on hand to plan your care and answer any questions.

Once you are in your gown and prepared for surgery, you will wait in a bed in our pre-op area, generally for about an hour before surgery. A family member or support person is welcome to remain with you until you go through to theatre.

The surgeon, anaesthetist and theatre nurse will carry out final checking procedures prior to surgery.

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