Oropi Endoscopy Unit

Latest technology and equipment 

The endoscopy day-stay unit at the Oropi Centre offers prompt access to diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services, in a relaxed and patient-focused environment. The centre is equipped with the latest technology and instruments, giving our endoscopists the advantage of high definition imaging in screening for diseases of the digestive tract. This equipment obtains the fine detail required to produce consistent and reliable results.

Experienced specialists and staff

Our endoscopy specialists are skilled in the latest endoscopic techniques. Each brings a particular expertise within the speciality, and all focus on the needs of each individual – giving the patient a clear understanding of possible implications associated with the condition, discussing the right form of treatment for that person, and working to achieve the best possible outcome.
Our endoscopy team includes gastro-enterologists as well as surgeons. The endoscopy services provided by our team include several procedures: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and with associated diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatments.
If necessary, they carry out biopsies, and remove polyps during procedures; these tissue samples are then sent for testing.

Focusing on the needs of our patients

Above all, the focus at our endoscopy unit is on our patients. Highly experienced registered nurses provide courteous care, with regular communication and attention, to keep their patients comfortable. We explain all procedures to our patients at every stage, and they are encouraged to ask us questions if there is anything they are unsure about. The nominated contact person is also included in discussions regarding the patient’s care during and after the procedure.
Providing expert medical care, in a supportive, empathetic setting, we also strive to alleviate any stress and anxiety our patients and their families may feel. Our clear communication, friendly courtesy and excellent facilities are rated highly by our patients and their families.

Having a Colonoscopy?
The journey explained, from consultation to follow up in a short video below.

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