Inspiring the health professionals of tomorrow

Grace Hospital recently hosted a Health Careers showcase for high school students with presentations on the following health related career options –
  • Anaesthesiology (Dr Owen Keet)
  • Surgeon (Mr Jim Duthie)
  • Radiology Consultant (Dr Sharath Prakash)
  • Medical Radiation Technician (Kylie Alexander)
  • Registered Nurse (Kirstie Cooke, NP)
  • Physiotherapy (Mary Sharpe)
  • Anaesthetic Technician (Jim Cairns-Nelson)
“The aim of the day was to give the students a clearer picture of what they can expect if they pursue a career in health” said Janet Keys, General Manager of Grace. “It’s about inspiring them, and helping them to decide which of the various career options they might like to follow”.

The showcase was held over a 2 ½ hour period with each presenter allocated 20 minutes. It was attended by 63 students and teachers from nine high schools from Tauranga and the surrounding areas.

The students were enthusiastic and keen to attend and the feedback demonstrated the benefit of allowing young people from the community to hear from a range of health professionals currently involved in the private healthcare setting.

 “It was extremely helpful. We didn’t just get to see what these health professionals do, but also got an idea of their journey”
“Awesome to hear from different people in different specialities”.
“The educational & personal journey allowed us to see what we may go through, it encouraged me a lot”.
“How long it takes to study for a certain job. Career opportunities. True life stories on how the speakers got to where they are today. Advantages/disadvantages of jobs.”
“I liked hearing about the physiotherapist, nurse & anaesthetic technician because that is the side of health I’m interested”.
“Really enjoyed the surgery, anaesthetics & radiology. Found most important was showing what the job entails”.
“It helped explain a lot of careers I hadn’t thought about. They went into detail & it was good to hear their experience”.
“I feel it was very educational & made it more clear as to what each occupation consisted of. Also speakers were influential & seemed positive & passionate about their jobs which made it seem more approachable”.
“Was very valuable to hear from person who actually hold the careers that I am considering”.