The Oropi Centre – endoscopy and day-stay unit at Grace Hospital

Latest technology and facilities

The Oropi Centre is equipped with the latest technology and instruments, giving our endoscopists the advantage of high definition imaging in screening for diseases of the digestive tract. This equipment obtains the fine detail required to produce consistent and reliable results.

The Oropi Centre has met the requirements to attain Day-Stay Standards accreditation for day-stay surgery and procedures NZS 8164 (2005); and the endoscopy components of sterilising standards AS/NZS4187:2014 The centre also features an automated cleaning system that ensures we consistently meet the highest sterilising  

Convenient, comprehensive endoscopy services  

Around 1300 endoscopy procedures are regularly performed each year at Grace Hospital. Now, with our new dedicated endoscopy unit, we can provide specialised services for many more patients sooner than might otherwise be possible.

Janet Keys, General Manager of Grace Hospital commented: "Ever since Oropi opened, the demand for our services has steadily increased. With patients returning regularly for routine screening, and new patients hearing about our specialist facilities and short lead-times through word of mouth, this growth is set to continue."

With a strong focus nationally on screening for intestinal cancers, there is a growing need for these services, which can mean long wait times for routine screening appointments at some hospitals. For those who have a history of stomach or intestinal cancer and require regular screening, coming to Grace is convenient, and screening can be carried out at safe intervals. If you have patients presenting with irregular symptoms, they can be screened at the Oropi Centre with a minimum of delay.

Our endoscopy team includes gastro-enterologists as well as surgeons. The endoscopy services provided by our team include several procedures: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and associated diagnostic testing and therapeutic treatments.

If necessary, they carry out biopsies, and remove polyps during procedures. Because Grace Hospital is adjacent to the Oropi Centre, patients can easily move between the two areas, and in many cases can be treated by the same doctor. For example, a patient who has bowel cancer diagnosed at Oropi can choose to have their surgery in our main hospital. 

With its state of the art facilities, the Oropi Centre is a natural extension of the Grace Hospital complex. It complements the campus, providing a breadth of services to our patients which ensures they receive the best possible medical care.