Taking surgery beyond the limits of the human hand – Robotic surgery

The Da Vinci Si robot provides the latest technology platform for a range of surgeries, including urological, gynaecological and general surgery and Grace Hospital is planning to purchase this latest model or 3rd generation of the surgical robot early in the New Year.

The Si incorporates increased functionality that enables the surgeons hand movements to be scaled, filtered and seamlessly translated to the robotic arms and instruments at the patient’s side.

Grace Hospital was the first hospital in New Zealand to perform robotic assisted surgery back in 2007, with surgeon Peter Gilling performing a robotic assisted prostatectomy for a patient with prostate cancer. Peter is now the most experienced robotic surgeon in New Zealand, having performed over 300 procedures.

Grace Hospital will become increasingly known as New Zealand’s robotic surgery centre with the acquisition of the Si robot, as the new technology support a skills simulator which will be used to assist in the training of surgeons and robotic assistants.

Jim Duthie is another local urologist working out of Grace Hospital, and he has previously been involved in training programmes in Australia for robotic assistants, and ‘open’ surgeons transitioning to robotic surgery using the Si model. Jim also attests to the improved functionality and performance of the Si which can bring potentially improved outcomes for patients due to the precise nature of robotic surgery which can reduce blood loss, nerve damage and provide a better cosmetic result. Watch a short video here about robotic assisted surgery.

While the current surgical robot at Grace Hospital has been used for urology procedures, the advent of the Si model is keenly awaited by surgeons from other specialities, as this machine enhances the ability to perform procedures such as colo-rectal, gynaecological, and general surgery.

If you want to find out more about robotic assisted surgery, you can find more information here.