Grace Hospital new online patient survey

Grace Hospital recently took the big step of doing away with paper based patient satisfaction surveys and have gone to an electronic version. All patients discharged from Grace receive an email inviting them to rate our service. So far we have a response rate of 31% which is above average for healthcare facilities, and the comments and scores are amazing! The great thing about the electronic responses is that we can target our actions to improve our service and respond quickly to any patient dissatisfaction.

The key areas that patients seem to want to talk to us about are their confidence in the quality of care, kindness and compassion, and communication. We are scoring really well in those areas, so it’s great to be able to share that information with staff rather than the old paper system which was very non-specific and required manual data extraction. Likewise, the areas where we are not scoring well can be shared with staff, and patients also have an opportunity to ask for a phone call so that they can talk to a staff member about any concerns they have.

Grace Hospital is always striving to improve patient experiences with us, and we are happy that this new system has been readily accepted by our patients and is already providing meaningful information for us.