New Surgical Robot at Grace Hospital

The purchase of the new Si robot reinforces Grace Hospital’s position as New Zealand’s foremost centre for robotics.

Grace Hospital General Manager Janet Keys says the Si robot from Intuitive Surgical, USA, is a sizeable investment for Grace Hospital, costing close to $3 million.
“But this latest technology means we’re right up with rapid advances in the field, and takes us to another level,” says Janet. “It will allow our surgeons to expand on the current urological, gynaecological and other abdominal procedures.”
Robotic-assisted surgery is deemed a minimally invasive method of performing surgery. “A surgeon’s hand movements are translated through the robot to miniaturised instruments inserted into small “keyhole” incisions in the patient’s abdomen” says Janet.

A high-definition 3-D camera guides the surgeon during the procedure. This technology gives the surgeon greater precision and control, and reduces the potential for blood loss or damage to tissues.
Janet says patients who have such minimally invasive procedures are likely to lose less blood and have less post-op pain, and smaller scars. It also means is a faster recovery than with traditional open surgery.

“So with less visible scarring, procedures done with the Si robot have lots of appeal to people who want a better cosmetic result. The stay in hospital is usually shorter so the patient can be back at work, and enjoying recreational activity, faster.”