Prostate Cancer - New Advance in Technology

Prostate Cancer - New Advance in Technology

Jim Duthie is a Urologist who is based at Grace Hospital. He is launching a new advance in technology for patients with prostate cancer. While Jim is known for his expertise in the field of Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy, he has also developed an interest in prostate cancer applications that can be down loaded onto smart devices like IPhones and IPads.
He advises that there are two new applications that have been developed to help patients dealing with prostate cancer.

PSA Manager App:

PSA Manager puts the management of prostate health information back in your hands. This free App has been designed by specialist Urological Surgeons for men undergoing PSA screening, or treatment:
Link to the PSA Manager App

ADT App for those with Advanced Prostate Cancer

The adt APP supports men with advanced prostate cancer and their healthcare providers in managing androgen deprivation therapy (hormone therapy). The App delivers automated reminders to alert patients about tests they require. It also provides information on everything from side-effects to what each test is needed for.
Link to the ADT App
Jim is available for consultations with patients who have prostate cancer, and is happy to discuss treatment options. His other field of expertise is that of robotic assisted prostatectomy.