Auckland Prostate Cancer men travel to Tauranga for robotic surgery

Since late 2014, Mike Mackey, a well-known urologist based in Auckland, has been performing robotic assisted prostatectomy surgery with the Da Vinci robot at Grace Hospital. Mike consults with his patients in Auckland, and then arranges the surgery to perform the surgery in Tauranga. Feedback from patients has been great, and they enjoy recuperating for a few days in Tauranga after their surgery.

Grace Hospital is the only facility in the North island that has a Da Vinci robot on site. Grace invested in the Si model in 2014 to replace their existing machine, which had become obsolete. Technology changes so rapidly these days that the 2.7 million investment was well debated before the new model was purchased. The patient outcomes after robotic surgery encouraged the directors to make the purchase.

Mike recently spoke to us about his career, why he chooses to use robotic surgery for his prostate cancer patients, and how much he enjoys operating at Grace Hospital. Please click on the link below.
Mike Mackey video