Grace Hospital supported Blue September for Prostate Cancer

Grace Hospital supported the annual Blue September fundraising appeal for prostate cancer awareness, by engaging in a staff face painting competition. Blue painted faces are a feature of the Blue September campaign run by the prostate Cancer Foundation.

The face paintings and slogans were displayed in the hospital foyer and staff and visitors have been donating a gold coin to vote for their favourite. The funds raised will be forwarded to the Prostate Cancer Foundation for their awareness programmes.

This year the slogan for the campaign was “Man up and give prostate cancer the finger”. A slightly confrontational slogan, and staff responded by coming up with their face painting themes and slogans to encourage men to be less afraid of the screening process.

Each year around 3000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and Grace Hospital provides approximately 200 diagnostic and/or interventional treatments for prostate cancer.

Raising awareness of the issue and encouraging men to talk about screening by adding humour to the situation is seen to help men with fronting up to their GP for an examination. The staff at Grace are hoping their contribution assists with this endeavor.