New MRI provides improved image resolution

The new MRI Scanner currently being installed by Bay Radiology on the Grace Campus will be their biggest, fastest and most powerful in Tauranga.
The GE750W 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner is twice as strong as the MRI scanners at Bay Radiology’s Tauranga Hospital and Mount Maunganui sites. The stronger magnetic field enables better resolution in some imaging applications, such as nervous tissues, muscles and ligaments.
In addition to improved imaging, the new scanner has the advantage of being a little faster, allowing the duration time of some examinations to be reduced.  It also has a wider bore, minimising the feeling of claustrophobia and allowing it to accommodate larger patients. 
The installation has been a dramatic process with the roof temporarily removed and the scanner lowered in by crane.
The new MRI will be operational from 20 July. However it’s not suited to all patients and clinical presentations so many of the Bay Radiology patients will continue to be imaged at the other Tauranga sites.