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Covid-19 Level 2 Restrictions - 15th February 2021

Written by Janet Keys, General Manager on February 15th, 2021.      0 comments


Level 2 Restrictions:

If you are booked for surgery and you are feeling unwell, or may have been in close contact with a positive Covid-19 case, please contact us urgently to discuss your admission details.

Details about Auckland case movements and advice is here:

During level 2 restrictions, visiting is limited at Grace Hospital. Day patients can be accompanied by one support person who must leave the hospital while surgery is carried out, and return only to collect the patient at discharge.

Patients staying overnight in the ward can only have one visitor at a time visiting between the hours of 9am-6pm. No children please. Please advise family and friends that they need to coordinate their visit so only one person at a time is present. All visitors must scan the QR code and sign in and out electronically on the Ipad at the main reception counter. Please use hand sanitiser on entering the hospital and before leaving.

More information about Covid-19 and level 2 restrictions can be found at:
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