Day Of Surgery

Before Your Visit

Prior to your admission to Grace you will need to discuss your procedure with your doctor. Here are some important questions you should ask:

  • are any special preparations required (such as fasting before the procedure)?
  • can you continue with regular medications or health supplements?

Patient Admission Form
This form needs to be completed as soon as possible to prevent delays on the day. You can complete this form online, or you can use the one included in your folder and post it to Grace in the envelope provided. It is important that the hospital has this relevant documentation prior to your admission.

Informed consent
You will also be required to give informed consent to your surgery in consultation with your surgeon. This involves signing a consent form that confirms that the surgery and any possible risks have been explained to you, and that you agree to go ahead with the surgery as outlined on the form. (The consent form is included in your admission pack.)

If you have not discussed this with your surgeon prior to admission, then you should not sign this part of the form until you have spoken to your surgeon.

Transport and care at home
Arrangements should be made for someone to drive you home from hospital and ensure you have plenty of help at home while you recuperate.

Hospital contact prior to surgery
We endeavour to contact every patient by text, email or telephone prior to surgery to advise date and time of admission. We will not post any information to you.

You should receive a PRELIMINARY text or email notification 5 days prior to your surgery and a CONFIRMED text, email or phone message 2 days prior. If for some reason there is a change to your confirmed admission then you will be informed.

Should we require any further information prior to your admission we will phone you.

Pre-admission Check
Prior to your surgery you may also be contacted by nursing staff to carry out a pre-admission check. This could be as simple as a phone call or may require a visit to us depending on the complexity of your surgery. Be sure to supply all your current contact details on your documentation so we can get in touch.

The phone call is also your opportunity to discuss with the nurse any medical problems or other queries such as your current medications and what to bring for your stay.

If you have been given products to use as skin prep before your procedure, you can find instructions for use below:

Skin Prep Instructions  
Chlorhexidine Wash (PDF) How to use iodine nasal swabs (PDF)
Chlorhexidine Wash Instruction Video Nasal Swab Instruction Video

Cultural or spiritual support
Should you require any additional cultural or spiritual support please inform us.

If you haven’t heard from the hospital a few days prior to surgery or you have any issues or questions, please contact us on 07 577 5270.