Graeme Lynam

Graeme has many years of experience in periodontal treatments, endodontics (root canal infections), major dental reconstruction, and dental implants.

Graeme returned to New Zealand after having run his own dental practice in Harley Street, London, for fifteen years. He was well positioned in Harley Street to further develop the skills and knowledge gained during his studies for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Otago University.

Surrounded by the authors of textbooks he admired, and by the world’s most highly regarded dental specialists, he learned some advanced techniques to give him the skills to provide high quality dental care that would achieve the best results for his clients.

Nearly four years ago, Graeme amalgamated his practice "The Dentists" group. He continues to work his usual hours, but maybe will have slightly longer holidays!

An accurate diagnosis followed by discussion and a detailed treatment plan is the basis of successful treatment, Graeme says. He understands that patients may very likely come to their appointment in some trepidation, and takes care to put them at ease, using humour to relieve tension and to keep each patient’s mind off the procedure.

He wants his patients to leave the surgery in comfort, and with a smile.

When time allows, Graeme plays underwater hockey, and enjoys boating, fishing, diving, hunting and getting out and about on his motorcycle.

Contact details:

The Dentists
344 Otumoetai Road,
Otumoetai, Tauranga 3110
Tel: 07 576 3104


Graeme Lynam

BDS (Otago)

Dental Surgeon at Harley Dentistry and Grace Hospital, Tauranga