Avi is a specialist general surgeon with a particular interest in treating his patients’ bowel, endocrine and hernia problems with minimally invasive lapro-endoscopic surgery. He is committed to improving voluntary surgical services in Fiji with the support of his colleagues, Grace Hospital and other organisations.

Having graduated from medical school in Fiji, Avi was given an opportunity to undertake his surgical training at Auckland hospitals, completing those studies in 1992. Since then, he has worked as a specialist surgeon at Tauranga and Grace Hospitals, developing and refining effective techniques to reduce patient trauma and speed up recovery by improving the procedures used during minimally invasive surgery.

Avi finds his teaching role satisfying, passing on the advanced skills he has acquired in his specialist field of endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, which will in turn benefit patients.

He takes part in research programmes to support his development of improved techniques in the use of endoscopes and laparoscopes. His desire to bring about better care and outcomes for his patients has driven him to constantly refine his surgical practices.

Every year, Avi takes a team of surgical colleagues and medical equipment to the Fiji Islands to offer free surgical services there. This surgical care is provided with the support of Grace Hospital and other organisations that make these voluntary services possible, for which Avi feels very grateful.

When he is not working, Avi relaxes with his family, and spends some time fishing, playing golf and travelling.
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Contact Information:
Avi Kumar-4322-Edit
DSM (Fiji), FRACS (Auckland)

Specialist General and Lapro-Endoscopic Surgeon, Grace and Tauranga Hospitals