Chris Hawke

 Chris is a consultant urologist with specialist expertise in Thulium laser surgery to reduce enlarged prostate glands with minimal trauma and faster recovery for his patients.
He was one of the pioneers of robotic surgery in New Zealand, and the first urologist in New Zealand to perform Thulium laser prostate surgery.

After graduating from Otago Medical School with Distinction, Chris worked as a Urology registrar in several New Zealand hospitals, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 1999. He then undertook a fellowship in Urological Oncology in Miami, Florida, before moving to London for a year as a consultant.

Chris returned to Auckland to begin his urological practice at Ascot Hospital in 2001.

He performs brachytherapy (radioactive seed implants) and major cancer surgery, including laser and robotic surgery to treat men’s prostate conditions.

Chris uses advanced techniques such as robotic prostate surgery to reduce trauma to his patients by removing cancers by means of “keyhole” surgery. Robotic prostatectomy often allows men to retain their normal erectile function.

The first surgeon in New Zealand to use Thulium Laser surgery to core out enlarged prostate glands, Chris introduced this procedure to his management of prostate conditions to reduce side effects and to avoid bleeding and the discomfort caused by bruising.

In his private practice, Chris is able to take time to advise his patients on the best management of their particular condition and to discuss effective treatments. Early intervention prevents more serious complications developing and generally achieves better outcomes.

Chris enjoys flying, boating and being outdoors when he has time away from his professional work.

Contact information: 

Ascot Hospital
Consulting Suite 2, Level 2
90 Green Lane East

Tel 09 520 9634
Chris Hawke
Consultant Urologist at Ascot Hospital, Auckland; Grace Hospital, Tauranga; Greenlight Urology Clinic, Auckland