We have one of the largest groups of orthopaedic surgeons working collaboratively in New Zealand. Our surgeons cover all surgeries of the musculoskeletal system including diagnostic procedures, joint replacements, ligament and tendon repairs, and repair.

Surgeries include:

  • Carpal tunnel release (nerve entrapment syndrome)
  • Spinal surgeries such as discectomy, fusion of the lumbar, thoracic or cervical vertebrae (For conditions such as disc protrusions, spinal stenosis, deformity such as scoliosis, vertebral fractures, spine infections, developmental spinal deformities)
  • Repairs of hand, wrist and elbow fractures or dislocations
  • (Elbow conditions such as arthritis, post traumatic stiffness, nerve compression and instability)
  • Tendon repairs such as biceps tendon tears.
  • Arthroscopic techniques using a lighted scope to view the interior capsule of joints such as ankle, knee, shoulder (To diagnose and treat conditions such as rotator cuff tears, bursitis, impingement, calcific tendonitis, frozen shoulder and shoulder arthritis)
  • Foot and toe surgery, such as bunion correction, fracture correction, and fusion of ankle
  • Joint arthroplasty - total or partial joint replacement of the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder
  • Ligament reconstruction, including ACL
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